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Lexi - JavaTM based Word Processor

What is it?

Lexi is a platform-independent and free word processor, based on the Java 2 platform. It is currently in ALPHA, but it has some basic functionality that you can try out. It was originally created by Brill Pappin and Matthew Schmidt in 1999.

Where can I get it?

The latest release is available here:

lexi_0_1_1_alpha.zip This file was made with GNU zip
lexi_0_1_1_alpha.tar.gz This file was made with GNU tar + gz

All other releases and notes are available at the SourceForge download area. Starting with 0.1.1 alpha, you can run Lexi with java -jar bin/Lexi.jar. Under Windows, double-clicking Lexi.jar should also work.

I have a suggestion/comment/idea. Who do I contact?

This project really needs your ideas and comments to keep going. Do not hesitate to contact the current maintainer.

How can I contribute?

You can contribute as much or a little as you want. If you can write Java code or documentation, let us know.
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